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Monoton Font Free Download

Monoton Font Free Download

This is an excellent display typeface, the Monoton Font. Vernon Adams, an experienced type designer, created it for the first time between 2007 and 2014. Clean font families have been used in many places by numerous designers.

Monoton font history started about a decade ago as a very different font. The original goal was to create a mono-linear version of the famous Futura lettering, but the project ended right after one of the first letters was generated. The project was put on hold for a long time and was eventually re-discovered as a successively flatter and thinner hand-drawn script.

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There are multiple styles, numerals as well as text and lining figures available in this free font family. With its highly legible characters and fantastic readability, this is a remarkable font family. With 374 Glyphs and True Type file format, it has 374 glyphs.

All Typefaces in the Monoton Family are created using geometric shapes inspired by technical devices. The project is based on a comprehensive study of serif, sans serif, and slab serif character sets in the classical traditions of Western typography. The Fonts perfectly combine minimal forms with modern needs in web design to allow for better readability in longer texts. There are three weights available: Light, Regular, and Bold. OpenType features include contextual ligatures and alternate characters. Each character was manually processed to create an enjoyable text setting.

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Monoton Font Family has an eye-catching layout. The font family comes with one traditional style, and it supports many international languages like Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Turkish, etc. With its two parallel lines throughout the entire font family, it has a beautiful, unique and keen typeface. These features distinguish the Monoton font from all others.

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For example, you can use it to design a logo, a book title, a texture for a book, brochures, business cards, and plenty more intelligent projects. Similar to fancy fonts, Monoton has a casual graphic quality with very eye-catching and explicit forms.

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