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Cast Iron Font Free Download

Cast Iron Font Free Download

A display sans serif font with thick and bold strokes, Cast Iron Font, is a display typeface. Mr. Jeremy Vessey was responsible for designing it and releasing it for the first time in 2015.

Cast Iron Font is a type foundry focused on the revival and reconstruction of forgotten typefaces from the 19th and 20th centuries. We specialize in reviving gorgeous fonts that have lost their way with time, now making them available for contemporary use by designers and printmakers alike. The typefaces we make possible a new personal expression and fidelity to the traditional techniques and sensibilities of letter design and printing.

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A large x-height and a solid texture have been created for its designer. Therefore, it is easily usable for bold headings and large tasks. If you want to try it on the small text, its texture will not be visible.

Therefore, it becomes the best choice for display designs because, most of the time, the extensive text utilizes theirs. Observing its texture closely, you will find that it looks like a techno font.

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That’s why it can efficiently work elegantly with other sans serif fonts and techno fonts such as Chakra Petch Font and Nascar Font. As a result, this particular font is highly recommended.

A condensed weight of Cast Iron Font is available with OpenType features. There are several uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation marks in this single style.

Additionally, this elegant font supports many languages, enabling others to create designs in their native tongue. There is something extraordinary about this aspect that helps this font increase its use in the designing industry.

This beautiful font can be used for creating covers, posters, emblems, game titles, printing on cards, technical documents, as well as creating unique symbols.

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