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Azedo Font Free Download

Azedo Font Free Download

Here’s another of Pedro Azedo’s Modern font families. In essence, the Azevedo family is inspired by two different typefaces: Kanji-Font and Tagus-Font. It has been in use since August 18, 2016. Pedro Azevedo adopted the name of that font family for himself.

Azevedo font is the culmination of over seven years of collaboration between one writer and two designers. The result is an elegant script with a coherent look under each of its five weights, where numbers, roman numerals, and punctuation are always easy to read. The handwriting-inspired outlines create an intertwined texture that presents you with several options for mixing roman and italic styles to achieve a natural combination of formal and casual. Satin chrome, matte chrome, satin finish copper, gold leaf, and brass finishes provide captivating color variations for this free font trio.

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The decorative font family comes in multiple styles, numerals, as well as lining and text figures. When a font family contains all the basic font styles, it becomes excellent for better font pairing. There are a variety of font styles included in this font family. As a result of this peculiarity, it has all the things a designer wants for his designing campaign.

By hand, the Azedo Font Family has been designed with very scientific alignment and bold lines. It has everything that a designer might need in his design campaign. Many designers look forward to using this unique font family in their regular work. You should purchase the license through the proper channels if you intend to use this font family for commercial purposes. Otherwise, you have to buy the right.

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This free font set can be used to create a logo, a poster layout, movie titles, cards designs, printing on fabrics, brochures, banner designs, and many other things. A clever design approach will also benefit from using this typeface.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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