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Dead Postman Font Free Download

Dead Postman Font Free Download

Designed to look like a distorted eroded letterform, Dead Postman has a clean, elegant texture. The first time the program was released was in 1998, with Mr. Fisk in charge of designing and developing it.

We released the Dead Postman font in 2016 after almost two years of research and development. It’s a fully-featured slab serif superfamily with five weights with matching true italics and a rich set of OpenType features. It is a cross between the classic American fonts of the 1940s and 50s and the more contemporary slab serifs that were very popular in England and Europe. The relationships among most of its components make it versatile enough for almost any type of display use but still distinctive enough to give every design a unique feel.

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Its texture is created irregularly, so you will not feel as if it is made in straight lines. The surface appears to have bits overlaid from the outside.

This font is freeware—you can download, share it, and use it for your personal or commercial projects without any restrictions. After thousands of hours of work, the Dead Postman project team thinks this bit of software is likely of interest—though, of course, subjective. Please feel free to use the OpenType file to do your derivative works, fix bugs, customize further, or do anything else you might want with it.

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Yet, it is also in high demand in the market due to its unprofessional texture. Since it is such a powerful tool, many designers can create unique and stylish designs with ease.

The Dead Postman Font is available in a single regular style with Truetype features. With almost 120 characters, this single style has 1000 units per em.

So, the font helps you have proved to be invaluable for designing small and medium-sized designs. Using it, you will discover that the program works in a friendly way. The uniqueness of this feature is observed in many of the arrangements.

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You can create movie posters, game titles, game development, cartoon posters, comic covers, banner ads, unique emblems, special event cards, etc.

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