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Frente H1 Font Free Download

Frente H1 Font Free Download

The Front H1 Font has a super unique handwritten texture with a handwritten appearance. Frente is the design studio responsible for the design and first release.

Those modest fonts have a slim appearance that reminds us of a marker drawing. You can make the font file from your picture. That is why when it is applied to a design, it provides a natural appearance.

H1 Font is based on Púrpura Morena typeface, designed between 1933 and 1934 by Raimundo Lazo Irazábal, a Galician graphic designer. Púrpura Morena was the first typeface to be designed in Spain. H1 Font is inspired by the first version of Púrpura Morena, realized by Raimundo Lazo using elements taken from old Spanish letters found in the Diccionario de Autoridades (Dictionary of Authorities), an extensive dictionary published in 1726 about pronunciation, grammar, and language usage in Spain since the 16

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All fonts follow a uniform pattern with distinct characteristics, which add a distinctive touch to designs. The texture of each font is a particular feature that stands out.

The Frente H1 font family includes nine weights, nine widths, and nine styles. The 80 character repertoire consists of both proportional and fixed-width versions. The proportional variants are intended for desktop use, where the broad range of weights lets you adjust the look of a title from very light to very bold. The monospaced variants, on the other hand, have been optimized for on-screen legibility at small sizes on low-resolution displays.

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Several users recommend it to create designs here at markets. Perhaps you can also get some advice from others.

With Front H1 Font, you can choose between a single regular style and Opentype features. While that only has one type, this one has 164 glyphs as well as 162 characters.

The space between each character is a little high with a considerable height. However, the padding and length have been organized professionally. Our visitors appreciate it so much because we consider it perfect.

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This is an entirely free service for commercial activities, so you can easily use it for memorable quotes, product designs, book covers, game titling, stickers, and other similar things.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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