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Madina Font Free Download

Madina Font Free Download

Madina Font is a script calligraphy font with an amazing cool texture. Ghuroba Studio, an Indonesian foundry, was tasked with designing and launching it for the first time in 2020.

The Madina font began as a simple idea: to create a minimal Arabic font with no frills, and thus the Madina font was conceived. However, it is not just another ordinary font; rather, its elegant style and meticulous design make it an ideal complement for both casual and formal purposes. The subtle curves and well-balanced forms in this font make for a wonderful reading experience, while its legibility and attractive design suggest limitless opportunities in many other types of creative endeavors.

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Since all of its texture has been created with curves, you will not find any straight stork in its letters. Those are the things that make this design stand out among the rest.

The height is almost the same as the standard size, but the width is extra large. On the other hand, there is less space between letters due to its friendly combination of letters.

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Moreover, the designer added a lot of swashes to the dress so it looks cooler and more chic than other dresses. With this wonderful font, you can easily create unique and decent designs.

There is only one regular style of the Madina font, and it includes both Truetype and OpenType features. A single style in this format contains 179 characters and 1,000 units per em.

You will find each letter perfect and cool since each character has been created with special care. Additionally, when they work together, they work in a fine manner and work perfectly.

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Its elegant look can be used for special event cards, shopping bags, t-shirt printing, cosmetics, fashion magazines, and other fonts like Tiffany And Co Font and Stylish Scriptina Font available at Fonts Tera for free…

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