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Amaranth Font Free Download

Amaranth Font Free Download

The Amaranth Font is the perfect sans serif. It is available in four basic weights, including regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. She took responsibility for designing and releasing the first version.

The Amaranth font family was inspired by early pioneers who drew icons and letters on wood with a simple stylus. As computer software advanced, fonts also evolved. Gearing for something more modern and unique, we decided to take the opposite path and go back to basics. Through countless sketches and re-carvings, we perfected the curves and spacing of our letterforms until they felt right.

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Each style includes an exemplary text form with a minimum glyph count of 216. Its friendly upright italic design makes it further charming, with its slight contrast and sculpted curves.

Amaranth typeface earned significant recognition in no time for its rich language support and its clean and clear appearance. This tool features Font Variations along two axes, as for width and weight.

Please take a look at the font maps images we have attached here to get an idea about its texture. There is a distinct style for each letter, complete with perfectly aligned inner and outer margins.

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Even on large displays, it represents majestic letterforms as long as it follows a uniform baseline. Amaranth offers a wide range of styles, including regular, bold, italic, & bold italic.

There is no distinguishing difference between the text italic and bold italic, but they are darker and less distinct. The same holds for bold and regular weights.

Manual hinting is used to ensure it renders clearly and sharply across a wide range of Windows devices and point sizes. This is ideal for any designing project.

Emblems, book covers, magazine layouts, hoardings, and printed cards can benefit from this leading font family. Texture can also be used to develop games.

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Another great advantage of this sans serif typeface is that it comes with an open font license, like the Heebo font. You can use it both for personal as well as commercial projects.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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