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Merienda Font Free Download

Merienda Font Free Download

Snack Font is an excellent script typeface available in regular and bold versions. Eduardo Tunni has been known as the designer of that handwritten font since he released it for the first time. Every letter style in the font has excellent legibility for sure. No matter how the layout is set up, its visibility is excellent from upper to lower case or numbers to numbers.

Lunchtime meal Merinda was the inspiration for that font family. In southern Europe, including Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, and Italy, merienda is a soft meal. It is mainly eaten at breakfast and when exchanging tea. Therefore, all the letters in this font family have soft shapes and are slightly condensed.

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Merienda is a modern type foundry that designs and produces contemporary typefaces for different purposes. In conjunction with our launch, we have released Merienda Font History, which elegantly pairs hand-carved calligraphy with a very unique script font. We have also added a set of weights that help create more exciting design typography out of this font family.  

It was initially published with only 245 glyphs in bold by Eduardo Tunni. Due to its popularity, the designer is encouraged to make more styles in the beginning. After that, 259 glyphs are designed and published. Many designers look forward to using this brush typeface for their regular designing purposes.

An original character design to be used as the logo for an imaginary cookie brand. My cookie brand is called “Merienda Font,” which means snack time in Manila’s Tagalog. The font has to be italic and very vintage-looking. The decision for this font name was made because the cookie packaging will come with different fillings. Hence it would be like a variety of fonts. I thought that to create one happy dessert box like this box of cookies. I needed many kinds of it.

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It’s free to use both for personal and commercial use, which is an excellent feature for this typeface. You can use this elegant font in a variety of ways. You are creating wedding invitations, business cards, books covers, posters, banners, or movie title designs, among others.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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