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Helsinki Font Free Download

Helsinki Font Free Download

They are introducing the Helsinki Font Family! This fancy typeface comes in bold display forms. Vic Fieger, the primary designer of this font family, released it for the TypeType script first. In addition to its elegant 660 Glyphs and 1000 Units Per Em, this font family is prevalent.

The Helsinki font family is a condensed sans-serif face set to five widths, from regular to extra-bold. The original design was published in 1930 by the Amery-Rudiger type foundry of Berlin. It was used for headlines and display copy in newspapers, advertising, and books around Europe. In the 1950s, it appeared in the UK as the standard body font in Penguin books. As well as being a loyal reviver of lost typefaces, Font Bureau has a well-earned reputation for making its fonts available in a wide range of weights and widths via desktop publishing.

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The natural, unlimited features of cultured penmanship are expertly revealed in this awesome font. It features handsome titling capitals, swash forms, and expansion. Furthermore, it supports many international languages, such as Russian, German, Italian, and well-honed features.

Helsinki Font is a sans-serif typeface with moderate contrast and geometric shapes. Helsinki Font is designed for the easy creation of effective, transparent, and modern visual presentations. Helsinki fonts family is composed of the following eight styles: all-purpose Helsinki Regular, rough and tough Helsinki Rough, dynamic, geometric Helsinki Geometric, elegant Helsinki Elegant, playful Helsinki Playful and appealing Helsinki Appeal.

Helsinki Font Family has 98 characters and comes only in the traditional style. All characters are included in this high-quality font family. It shows how hard-working and dedicated the designers on this project have been. This font is suitable for both personal and professional purposes.

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The selection of an appropriate font for each design project is quite mandatory, as you all know. I hope this helps in your endeavors. The designers are practicing with this free font for their various endeavors. As a result, the typeface can be used for creating a logo, creating book covers, designing posters,  creating titles, etc.

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