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Aller Font Free Download

Aller Font Free Download

The Allier Font family has a highly legible design as well as unique features to make it memorable. Designer Dalton Maag Ltd became the primary maker for the Alleer Font family. Only after analyzing this legendary font family will the designers working on it guarantee the loyalty of their experience.

Aller Font is a typeface made with one single line of thought: make a font family for hand printing. Hand-drawn, organic and truly unique. Still, with the pure handwriting feeling at the beginning of the lettering process, Aller Font was developed by both professionals and hobbyists.

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The author states that it was created on 20 August 2008 for the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Aller has kindly sponsored the project. In addition to multiple sets of figures and currency signs, the font family includes punctuation marks and punctuation marks. Its type design is exceptional among all aspects of the TrueType typeface.

Aller Font is a versatile, all-caps display font. Aller Font encompasses a wide range of weights, from light to extra bold. In the regular consequences, the letterforms stretch out gently from the vertical axis, creating a modern and dynamic feel. The OpenType version includes standard ligatures, stylistic alternates, and contextual alternates—which means typographic niceties can be applied automatically depending on context.

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With seven styles to choose from and experimental ligatures, this font family is remarkable. There are 666 unique glyphs in each of the styles and 458 characters. These glyphs allow it to function as a multifunctional display font. You can surely enhance your design and make it look more professional.

As well as supporting the broadest range of languages, this elegant font is also helpful for structuring. A logo, a greeting card design, an invitation or official card layout, a book cover, a poster, a banner, as well as a movie title design can be created.

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